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Decoding the Components of a Florida Child Support Order

Posted by LEISA WINTZ | Feb 21, 2024 | 0 Comments

To recap. an order on child support typically includes the following essential elements:  Identification of the parties involved, including the names of the parents and the child for whom support is being determined. The specific amount of child support to be paid, which is determined based on the state's child support guidelines and the parents' financial circumstances.  Allocation of other child-related expenses, such as health insurance, daycare, and medical expenses. Details regarding how and when the child support payments are to be made, including the frequency and method of payment.  Provisions for modifications to the child support order, outlining the circumstances under which modifications can be requested and granted. Provisions regarding arrears and/or retroactive support Step-down provisions for multiple children Termination information

Navigating Family Law Fees: Understanding Billing and Representation Options for Florida Family Attorneys

Posted by LEISA WINTZ | Feb 21, 2024 | 0 Comments

Hourly billing has been a common practice in family law, where clients pay for the attorney's time. This approach, while standard, can result in unexpected fees as legal matters progress, adding a layer of uncertainty to an already stressful process. To address this issue, the introduction of flat fee options has been a welcome change, providing more transparency and flexibility for clients.

Family Name Change in Florida

Posted by LEISA WINTZ | Dec 07, 2023 | 0 Comments

As Florida family law attorneys, we frequently work on cases involving family name changes. A name change can be a significant and important aspect of a family's identity. Reasons for a Family Name Change There are many reasons why you might consider changing your family name. Here are ...

Types of Child Custody in Florida: Exploring the Spectrum

Posted by LEISA WINTZ | Nov 28, 2023 | 0 Comments

When it comes to family law matters in Florida, understanding the nuances of child custody is crucial. Parents navigating the intricacies of divorce or separation often find themselves facing questions about the types of custody arrangements available. In this article, we will delve into the vari...

Marital Property: Is Inheritance Marital Property?

Posted by LEISA WINTZ | Nov 08, 2023 | 0 Comments

Is a Wife Entitled to Her Husband's Inheritance if He Dies? Can My Husband Get Any of My Inheritance? Is inheritance marital property? In the realm of family law and financial matters, the question of whether an inheritance becomes marital property is a topic of frequent concern. Inheritance, usu...

Antenuptial Contract: What Happens if You Don't Have One?

Posted by LEISA WINTZ | Oct 24, 2023 | 0 Comments

Marriage is a significant life event that brings love, commitment, and, in many cases, shared assets. While the emotional aspects are heartwarming, the financial side of marriage also deserves attention. One crucial aspect to consider in this regard is whether or not to have an antenuptial agreem...

Joint Custody and Child Support: What You Need to Know

Posted by LEISA WINTZ | Oct 09, 2023 | 0 Comments

When it comes to child custody arrangements, joint custody, often referred to as shared custody, is a common choice for parents who want to ensure both are actively involved in their child's life. However, the question of child support can make joint custody arrangements more complex. In this art...

Is There a Disadvantage to Filing for Divorce First?

Posted by LEISA WINTZ | Sep 25, 2023 | 2 Comments

Deciding to end a marriage is a challenging and life-altering decision. It's a process fraught with emotional and legal complexities, and one of the early choices you'll make is whether to file for divorce first. The question arises: Is there a disadvantage to filing for divorce first? Let's delv...

Divorcing a Narcissist: Navigate the Storm

Posted by LEISA WINTZ | Sep 18, 2023 | 0 Comments

Divorce is rarely easy, but divorcing a narcissist can be an especially challenging and emotionally draining experience. Narcissists have a deep need for control, attention, and admiration, which can complicate the divorce process. However, with the right knowledge, strategies, and support, you c...

Is Child Support Taxable? What You Need to Know

Posted by LEISA WINTZ | Sep 11, 2023 | 0 Comments

Is child support taxable? What portion of child support is taxable? Child support is an essential financial commitment that parents make to ensure the well-being of their children. However, many questions arise when it comes to the tax implications of child support. In this article, we will explo...

What Not to Say to Your Guardian ad Litem

Posted by LEISA WINTZ | Aug 22, 2023 | 0 Comments

Navigating the intricacies of family law can be a challenging journey, especially when it involves child custody disputes and the presence of a guardian ad litem (GAL). A GAL plays a crucial role in advocating for the best interests of the child during legal proceedings. If you find yourself in s...

When Is Divorce Mediation Not Recommended?

Posted by LEISA WINTZ | Aug 14, 2023 | 0 Comments

Divorce is a significant life event that can bring about various challenges and decisions. Among the options available for couples seeking to dissolve their marriage, divorce mediation has gained popularity as an alternative to traditional litigation. While mediation can be a constructive and ami...

Contested Divorce vs Uncontested Divorce

Posted by LEISA WINTZ | Aug 07, 2023 | 0 Comments

Divorce is a deeply personal and life-altering decision that can bring forth a myriad of emotions, legal complexities, and logistical challenges. As couples navigate the process of ending their marriage, one crucial distinction comes into play: contested and uncontested divorce. These terms may s...

Understanding the 2-2-3 Custody Schedule for Child Custody

Posted by LEISA WINTZ | Jul 25, 2023 | 0 Comments

Child custody arrangements play a vital role in co-parenting dynamics, with various schedules designed to cater to different family needs. One such arrangement gaining popularity is the 2-2-3 custody schedule. In this article, we will explore what a 2-2-3 custody schedule entails, how it works, a...

Can You Go to Jail for Not Paying Child Support?

Posted by LEISA WINTZ | Jul 17, 2023 | 0 Comments

Child support is a legal obligation designed to ensure the financial well-being of a child. When a parent fails to meet their child support obligations, serious consequences can arise. One common question that arises is whether you can go to jail for not paying child support. In this article, we ...

What Does Child Support Cover? All You Need to Know

Posted by LEISA WINTZ | Jul 10, 2023 | 0 Comments

What does child support cover in Florida? Does child support cover extracurricular activities? What does child support not cover? Child support is a crucial aspect of family law that aims to ensure the financial well-being and proper care of children. When parents separate or divorce, the noncust...

Reasons a Judge Will Deny Relocation in Florida

Posted by LEISA WINTZ | Jul 04, 2023 | 0 Comments

Relocation cases involving child custody can be complex and emotionally charged. Whether it's a parent seeking to relocate with their child or contesting a relocation request, understanding the factors that influence a judge's decision is crucial. In Florida, family courts prioritize the best int...

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