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Leisa Wintz originally began her career as a marriage and family therapist. Ms. Wintz went on to attend law school and started practicing family law in 2009. However, she quickly realized that many family law practices lacked the empathy and compassion she believed were necessary in order to achieve the best possible results for both the client and the law firm. In 2011, Ms. Wintz struck out on her own with the mission and passion to create a family law practice that treated their clients as individuals.

Leisa Wintz is a Supreme Court Certified family law mediator, as well as a certified parenting coordinator, who assists parents and young adults navigate transitions in their lives. Besides leading domestic violence training statewide, Ms. Wintz also serves as a guardian ad litem and is dedicated to bringing a new approach to handling family law cases.

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  • overall great experience

    My attorney recommended that I work with Nazarena Rosales Hauser after having a frustrating mediation experience with my previous counsel. I trusted his advice, and I couldn't be happier with my decision. Ms. Rosales Hauser was professional and tough in mediation, but she truly did her best to re...
  • extremely professional

    I have mediated my family law cases with Leisa & she is excellent. She is extremely professional, and has vast experience & knowledge, which is necessary when mediating family law cases. I recommend her as a mediator in all of my cases.
  • gratitude of all your diligent and hard work

    How does one express the gratitude of all your diligent and hard work on my behalf?How does one say thank you for taking all my calls, emails, questions, and worries?How does one say I felt prepared mentally and emotionally for one of the hardest journeys one endures in life? Click here to rea...

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