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Temporary Custody

Being a caregiver has its challenges, and one of those challenges includes legal establishment of caregivers' rights and available options within the applicable state.

Here in Florida, the state has created a Positive Parenting Guide, to help aid parents and caregivers find resources to ensure child welfare, safety during in-home and after-school care. At Family Matters Law Group, we focus on the entire family; from ensuring the well-being of children, to actively supporting the legal needs of non-parent caregivers, we are here to guide you on your caregiver rights.




Whether you need guidance on achieving temporary custody or relative adoption, the Family Matters Law Group is uniquely qualified to do what is best for your family. Frequently, grandparents or other extended family members become primary caregivers to children within their family. Although these extended family members do not have visitation rights or benefits under Florida law, there are several statutes that uphold their position in a child's life as a necessity to keep families together. The compassionate lawyers at Family Matters Law Group are very familiar with the variety of ways families can be formed, and are available to assist you and your family in achieving the best possible outcome to keep your family group together. Call them today for a complimentary consultation to discuss your options on achieving temporary custody.

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