One of our founding attorneys, Leisa Wintz, has a master's degree in marriage and family therapy in addition to her work as a family law attorney. She knows the difficulty you face from a legal and emotional standpoint, and she is ready to help you through the process so you can come out on the other side strong and prepared. Her unique background offers clients the legal knowledge necessary to find the most ideal resolution with the support they deserve during challenging times. Her background also serves as a great resource in complicated custody cases with unusually difficult facts.

Dedicated To Providing Comprehensive, Compassionate Counsel

Located in Plantation, Florida, our firm is committed to helping families through any legal issue that may present itself. As a law firm fully dedicated to family law, you can trust us to provide comprehensive knowledge and insight to any issue you may face.

We can help you with:

  • Custody matters
  • Paternity issues
  • Stepparent adoptions
  • DCF/dependency cases
  • Orders of protection
  • Guardian ad litem
  • No-lawyer divorce mediation
  • Family law appeals

You can count on us to provide the guidance necessary to help alleviate your worries, be well-informed as to your options and feel secure in the decisions you make.

Focused On Finding Amicable Resolutions

We will always try to find the most amicable path to a desirable outcome for any situation you encounter. Our experience in mediation and collaborative law provides our clients with alternative resolutions to avoid the additional stress of litigation. Protecting your children from a complicated courtroom trial while providing you with a favorable resolution is our priority. Though, with an ex-prosecutor on our team, we are ready and prepared to litigate when necessary.

Our approach is a combination of no-nonsense and casual — we'll provide honest legal advice in a comfortable environment. When you work with lawyers who have devoted their careers to helping families, you'll feel assured that the decisions you make today will be in your best interest many years down the road.

We Provide The Guidance You Need When You Need It Most

Whether you know the direction you want to take, or you need help understanding your options, we are here to guide you through. Call us today at 866-593-0459 to schedule a free initial phone consultation. You can also connect with us through email. We know your situation is important, and we work hard to ensure your concerns are addressed in a timely, efficient manner.

We Understand Your Family Matters

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