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LGBTQ+ Divorce in Florida

Just as in opposite sex marriages, the time may come when an LGBQT+ couple needs to legally end their relationship.

It's important to work with attorneys who can understand your needs as an LGBQT+ couple and not only offer support and guidance, but also the legal knowledge necessary to find a positive resolution for everyone involved. The legalities' are the same for LGBTQ+ divorces, so check out our other content for general divorce information.


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Working closely with LGBQT+ families since 2011 and advocating for LGBQT+ rights for two decades, our founding attorney Leisa Wintz's background makes her an ideal representative for same sex couples beginning their divorce journey – especially if your family includes children. Our attorneys are experienced in all aspects of LGBQT+ family support and law, and we can help former same-sex couples understand the challenges they face as well as the options available. Contact us today for a consultation.

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