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Married Couples

AT FAMILY MATTERS LAW GROUP, we're not your typical law firm.

Our founders, Leisa and Nazarena, bring unique perspectives to the table, and their shared vision drives everything we do.

🌟 Our Founders 🌟

  • Leisa: With a background in marriage and family therapy, Leisa knows that family law isn't just about legal jargon—it's about people. She's committed to keeping our clients and their families at the center of every decision.
  • Nazarena: Having been a prosecutor, Nazarena brings a wealth of experience and a fierce dedication to justice. She's passionate about advocating for families and ensuring their rights are protected.

📝 Our Purpose 📝

  • Empathy: We understand that legal matters impact lives, emotions, and futures. It's not just paperwork; it's personal.
  • Options: We believe in informed choices. Whether it's child custody, divorce, or any family-related issue, we'll guide you through every available option.


Family Matters Law Group

At Family Matters we treat each case uniquely based on your needs, concerns, and budget. Find out more about us.