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Mediation is a process to assist families in reaching a mutual agreement to resolve their family matters by setting their differences aside for the benefit of all impacted by the issue(s).

At Family Matters Law Group, we aim to reach agreements that are lasting and beneficial for the long term. Agreement allow for more tailoring to your individual family, less costs, and a higher rate of compliance than Orders from a Jude. Mediation occurs before or after filing and with or without lawyers. In family legal proceedings in Florida it is required if you have children. Mediation often leads to resolutions that are better for families and costs less than other traditional legal outcomes.

Nazarena and Leisa both attend mediation with clients as their lawyer and serve as mediators for parties with or without lawyers. 

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At Family Matters Law Group and mediation services we believe in the process of mediation and we feel it is best for families to resolve their legal issues whenever possible. Working with an experienced and excellent mediator can be the difference needed to settle your case. Both Nazarena and Leisa are Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediators with decades of experience between them. They regularly mediate throughout Florida for families with and without attorneys to assist them in reaching resolutions and more times than not – they are successful. If you are in need of creative, thoughtful, experienced and tested mediators for your family legal issue in Spanish or in English – get in touch, we would love to assist.

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