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Parenting Coordination

Parenting coordination is a service offered by a qualified mediator for parents who want to carry on co-parenting their children after separation but are having difficulties.

Often, families will go to court to make a ruling about what their dispute is about. Parenting coordination steps in once a ruling has been made, but families are still experiencing issues. For example, the court may say that a child will spend every weekend with a certain parent, but it doesn't say how the child will get to said parent, what happens if someone can't make their arranged pickup/drop off, and who pays for extra childcare.




Family Matters Law Group specializes in family law and working with families that are going through trying situations. Family Matters Law Group will be able to sit down and observe your family's unique needs and work with both parents to achieve a resolution that puts the child's welfare first and foremost. Contact the experienced team at Family Matters Law Group for a free consultation today.

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