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Alimony Attorneys

Sometimes called spousal support or maintenance, alimony may be very significant or it may not be awarded at all after a divorce.

As of 2023 we now have guidelines for alimony in Florida.

If you know or suspect that alimony payments will be a contested issue in your divorce, the knowledge and experience of the lawyer that you consult can make a major difference in how much you ultimately pay or receive.




We attorneys encourage negotiation or mediation to resolve any alimony dispute whenever possible. Should other efforts to reach an agreement break down, however, we are always prepared to litigate skillfully and assertively to protect our clients' interests. We have also successfully petitioned for post-divorce modifications and enforcement of alimony and other orders. Contact the expert attorneys at Family Matters Law Group for a free consultation regarding alimony in Florida. At Family Matters Law Group, our knowledge of the ​six (6) types of alimony​, asset distribution, child support, and same-sex marriage dissolution, lends itself to us being able to determine the best plans for you and your family to get through this trying time.

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