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Child Support in Florida

At Family Matters Law Group, we genuinely care about ensuring that your children are financially supported and we also care about making sure that you are paying or receiving the CORRECT amount of support under Florida Law.

While child support is guideline-based, and takes into account several factors, every situation has unique aspects. Making sure that your child support is properly calculated must take into account multiple factors. When circumstances change, modifications to your original child support may be warranted. Modifications may be necessary when significant changes occur such as job loss or a major change in a child's needs. It's important to seek counsel right away in these situations, as the modifications are not retroactive. Nazarena and Leisa can help you determine if you qualify for a child support modification – and pursue it skillfully if you do.




It is not always possible to anticipate major financial and personal events that may occur in the years afterward. When significant changes in circumstances do come about, it is imperative to work with an attorney who has in-depth familiarity of Florida laws governing post-divorce modifications of orders. At Family Law Group, we will carefully evaluate your situation and guide you through the process if you qualify for a modification — or defend your interests if your ex-spouse or partner is seeking a child support modification you believe is not justified.

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