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Modification of Parenting Plan

At Family Matters Law Group, PA, we understand that sometimes circumstances change while parenting your child.

Whether you have to relocate, get a new job, or a new issue develops for your family that you didn't anticipate, if your prior parenting plan isn't working, it will need to be modified. Parenting plans, like child support and alimony can be modified in Florida by filing a Petition for Modification. However, modifications are not easy and there are legal findings that a Court must make in order to grant you a modification. Working with an experienced attorney is critical and we are here with the experience to help.




Whether you need to modify your child support, alimony, or any other initial component or your parenting plan, having the right attorney to help you navigate the legal process can make all the difference in your success. Family Matters Law Group, PA handles family law cases all the time and understands what the judge needs to see in order to modify your case, we also understand the role that litigation plays in negotiation and settlement, in order to best achieve our client's goals. We are also skilled negotiators and are often able to reach agreements in these cases without the need for a trial. This guarantees results and saves you money. Settlements are always better for families whenever possible. However, if a settlement cannot be reached, we are skilled litigators with the experience you need to prove your case in Court. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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