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Divorce can be one of the most difficult times in a person's life.

We know that divorces are not just legal; they're also emotional. There are tons of moving pieces, like child custody, asset division, support issues and more. It can all be confusing, overwhelming, and lengthy.

Our name isn't Family Matters Law Group for nothing – we truly believe in providing you with the best legal counsel to bring your family ​PEACE​: ​P​arenting Issues, ​E​quitable distribution of assets and debts, ​A​limony, ​C​hild support, and everything else your family needs legally.



Acuerdos Prenupciales

With our founding attorney Leisa Wintz's background in family counseling, Nazarena Rosales Hauser's background as a prosecutor, plus our team of legal assistants, we will stand by your side while your family establishes its new normal.

When it comes to divorce in Florida, there are a number of laws regarding alimony that can be complex and confusing for many people. Unlike child support, ​ ​which has more clear-cut guidelines and statutes- alimony is largely decided by the Courts. In some cases, alimony, also referred to as spousal support/maintenance, can be significant or not awarded at all. It takes a knowledgeable and skilled attorney to truly make a difference in the settlement or contested issues regarding your divorce.



Collaborative law is a process in Florida where lawyers and client can work together to resolve their legal issues OUTSIDE of the Courtroom. In a Collaborative case you work with an attorney specifically trained in Collaborative law and you each agree to work together to resolve your difference and NOT to submit issues to the Judge. In a collaborative case both clients have lawyers who are trained collaborative. It is an open process – meaning we all agree to be transparent and to work together. However, it is still our job to advocate for you, our client, and to educate you. Often in the collaborative process we work with therapists who help guide children's issues and accountants who can assist with complicated financials. The process can be confidential and save families thousands of dollars in litigation costs. Collaborative is not right for every case, but when it is a good fit it really is a great alternative to litigation. In order to participate in a collaborative case, both parties must agree and hire collaborative lawyers. If you are interested in collaborative law to manage your legal issue, we can provide names of other collaborative attorneys for the other party.


Family Matters Law Group

A comprehensible law firm dedicated to helping our clients with the best possible outcome with any family court issue that may arise.