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How to adopt a child in Florida?

Posted by LEISA WINTZ | Apr 28, 2022 | 0 Comments

Adoption can be an exciting yet overwhelming time in any family's life. Everything that goes into adoption in Florida can be confusing, from the required paperwork to the legal proceedings. At Family Matters Law Group, we are here to ensure your family's adoption process is smooth and as stress-free as possible.

The decision to adopt in Florida is a life-changing event that requires lifelong commitment but has a wonderful outcome for both the adopter and the child. Keep reading to understand a bit more about the Florida adoption process.

Married and Single Adoption Requirements

Anyone who can love and is able to provide for the basic needs of the child can be an adoptive parent. Same-sex couples, opposite-sex couples, married or single adults in Florida are eligible to adopt. On the other hand, if you have a criminal record from the past, this can affect your chances of becoming an adoptive parent.

Understanding the Florida Adoption Process

The specifics for adoption may vary slightly depending on the area of Florida that you live in; however, the process is relatively similar throughout the state. Typically, the road map for adoption includes:

  • Orientation – A rigorous training program to help you decipher if adoption is the right option for you.
  • Home Studies
  • Background Check

You can expect the process to be completed within 5-9 months before you're set up for the perfect match.

Kinship Adoption 

Often, a family relative is the one looking to adopt. This is commonly known as kinship adoption. Kinship adoptions are generally any close family member of the child seeking to adopt and be the primary caregiver. Grandparents make up the majority of relative adoptions. As mentioned earlier, a home study is typical for the adoption procedure but can be dismissed if a relative is adopting. Under certain circumstances, the law can make the Florida adoption process easier and faster for relatives trying to adopt and have the child in their custody due to unforeseen events, such as the child's parents passing.

If you need more specific information about the Florida adoption process or Florida adoption requirements, you can visit the Florida Child and Family Services webpage.

At Family Matters Law Group, our in-depth knowledge of Florida laws allows us to properly guide you through the adoption process from start to finish with confidence. Not only do we help parents, but we also help step-parents, grandparents, and relative caregivers adopt too. Contact us today to discuss your family's unique circumstances and how we can achieve the best possible outcome for everyone involved.

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