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Florida's Paternity Laws, Custody and Birth Certificates, Part II

This post is a follow up to an earlier post which began to explore this topic. It is difficult to understand, and maybe more difficult to explain, what rights a father has to his child after he executes an Acknowledgment of Paternity form and before he gains "custody" rights in Court. What rights could a father have if they do not include the rights to either see the child (time-sharing) or make decisions for the child (parental responsibility)?

Florida's Paternity Laws, Custody and Birth Certificates

Before we get started it is important to know that I am confused and so are most attorneys, many Judges and basically all non-legal lay people about Paternity law in Florida. So, this blog and the one to follow may create more questions than answers, but hopefully, brings some level of enlightenment to this complicated and bizarre area of law.

Basic Steps in the Criminal Justice System

I have had several clients confused about the way a criminal case commences, proceeds, and ends. This is meant as a brief explanation as to how cases in the criminal justice system proceed generally. These are not hard and fast rules. Each case and each county is unique, and it is best to speak to a criminal defense attorney about the specific facts of your case to know what applies and what does not.

Criminal Law: What Are My Rights When Stopped by Police?

There are three types of "stops" that could occur, and your rights in Florida differ in each situation. It's important to recognize the differences among them so you know how to respond and avoid any additional criminal charges or evidence for the police.


The general rule in psychotherapist-patient relationships is that the content of the therapy sessions are confidential - in other words, a privilege exists that allows the therapist to not have to submit themselves to the general legal rule that a person should testify to what they know. "Privileges" are given to a variety of professions in order to protect some societal interest. For example, with therapists, the privilege exists so that an individual will feel free to communicate their inner most thoughts, concerns, feelings without the threat of that coming back to harm them in the future.

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