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Attorneys: I need an attorney but I'm not sure which kind!

There are several areas of law that have overlapping issues and various types of attorneys. As an example, if you and your significant other were to get into a physical altercation in front of your child, you would trigger several areas of law. It is very important to understand what kind of attorney you need so that you can find the right attorney for you.

Family Law and Guardian Ad Litems

The appointment of a guardian ad litem should be considered if you are in the midst of a custody  or family law matter, whether it is within a divorce, modification or paternity case, and there are allegations of drug use, neglect, unsafe living conditions, alcohol use or generally bad parenting.  Guardian Ad Litems (GALS) are professional who job it is to investigate the facts and circumstances of a case and to report to the Court on what they perceive would be in the best interest of the child. The recommendation of the GAL is not binding upon the Court, but most judges weigh very heavily a GAL's opinion.

Violations of Domestic Violence Injunctions

Once a temporary domestic violence injunction is entered, and for so long as it or a final injunction remains in effect, the respondent is prohibited from contacting the Petitioner. Even prior to the respondent being served with the Petition, the injunction is in place and Respondent is prohibited from contacting or coming near the Petitioner. Although, a Judge would likely be lenient on a Respondent who actually was unaware of any Court Order prohibiting contact.

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