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A Client's guide to understanding attorney's fees & billing

Understanding how attorney's fees and attorney billing works can be difficult if you have never previously hired an attorney. Some attorney's bill hourly and others charge a flat fee. The vast majority of family attorney's, nearly all, charge by the hour. The way that attorneys get paid for that hourly rate is typically by you paying an up-front "retainer". This up-front retainer can be very misleading and many times leads to frustrated and disappointed client. Hopefully, this blog will help shed some light on this matter.

Attorney's Fees in Family Law Cases

Attorney's Fees may be awarded in family law matters, making one party responsible to pay the other party's fees. There is no "winner" or "loser" in family law matter. So, the traditional idea of the "loser" being responsible for fees does not apply to family law matters. Who filed the case is also not a factor (typically) in the determination of fees in family law cases. Attorney's fees in family law cases are ALWAYS discretionary.  Courts can but do not have to award such fees. Generally the Court's analysis of whether or not to grant fees is based on the relative financial circumstances of the parties & whether or not one party has a need and the other the ability to pay. The purpose of a fees awards is to ensure that both parties have similar abilities to pay for a lawyer & that one party is not left without adequate representation in a family proceeding.

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