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3 benefits of using mediation to resolve child custody disputes

Disputes and disagreements often arise during separation or child custody negotiations in Florida that cause a breakdown in communication and stall resolution, causing many parents to rely on the courts to intervene. When the courts become a part of the process, guardians lose the opportunity to structure their arrangements in a manner that benefits the entire family. Not all custody and parenting disputes require the involvement of the judicial system. Mediation is a process parents can benefit from if they want to resolve their issues through collaboration. 

Mediation requires the involvement of a neutral third party. This individual helps facilitate the process, rather than take sides or offer advice beneficial to only one party. The facilitator may ask questions and help parents identify potential concerns so they can work together to create a child custody and parenting arrangement that is the most beneficial for the entire family. Here are three ways parent benefit from using mediation in child custody and parenting negotiations

1. Minimizes the effects on the kids 

Conflict is not always avoidable in divorce and child custody matters. Going through the courts can increase the amount of stress on the entire family and inevitably puts the children in the middle. Parents are not always motivated to play nice for the sake of their kids. Parents who want to shield their kids from the damaging effects of divorce and child custody battle and are willing to work together can reach neutral ground and do what is best for the children. 

2. Takes less time 

The longer parents fight and bicker about parenting matters, the more the children pick up on the negativity and suffer from it. With mediation, the speed of resolution is in the parents' control. Fewer disagreements mean more focus on important issues. Parents can work through their differences faster instead of relying on the court’s schedule. 

3. Maintains privacy 

Court-arranged child custody and parenting agreements are a matter of public record. Parents who do not want the public to know their business or about the issues brought up during the negotiations can maintain their privacy through mediation. Mediation prevents parents from sharing information about the discussions with others.

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