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TOP 10 Child Support Facts for Florida:

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1) Child support in Florida is a formula, it is not up to the parents or a Judge what a person should be paying. It is based on a complicated math formula.

2) The formula for child support considers both parents' incomes, both parents health care costs, the child health care cost, the child's child care costs and the number of COURT ordered overnights each parent has with the child.

3) A parent's income is their net income, meaning it is the gross amount earned MINUS approved deductions. This does not mean you get to subtract ALL deductions, only approved deductions will come off your gross income.

4) If a party is self-employed, then certain expenses paid by the business might count as income.

5) If another person is regularly paying expenses for on of the parents, that might also count as income.

6) You new spouse's income does not count as your income for purposes of calculating child support.

7) Child support can be ordered backwards for up to 24 months prior to the beginning of the case.

8) Child support is REQUIRED by the State, you cannot agree that no child support is owed, it is aright of the child's and cannot be contracted out of by the parents.

9) The Court may increase or decrease child support by 5% from the guidelines if there is good reason to do so.

10) Child support can ALWAYS be modified if any of the factors change enough to make a substantial difference in the child support owed.

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