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Debunking 4 myths about paternity testing

Every year, many women become pregnant without knowing conclusively who the father is. There are a variety of reasons why paternity tests are necessary, such as a partner believing he is not actually the father of the child and should not pay child support as a result. 

Despite the advantages paternity tests can provide, there are numerous myths surrounding the practice. Separate fact from fiction, so you know what steps can help you and your child move on with your lives. 

Myth #1: The baby has to already been born to do a paternity test

Thanks to advancements in technology in recent years, doctors can conduct a paternity test even when the child is still in the womb. This requires a prenatal paternity test that will provide the same results as a regular test.

Myth #2: You cannot do the test if the potential father will not do the test

For a variety of reasons, many men will refuse to take part in the test. This does not mean testing has to remain a fruitless endeavor. Doctors can perform a grandparentage test on the potential father's parents. This will show if the child shares any DNA with the parents, and if the child does, then it makes a good case that the man in question is the father. 

Myth #3: Receiving the results takes forever

In actuality, you may discover the results in as little as one day. However, in many cases, it may take up to five days to hear anything. The lengthier part of the process involves going through your state's child support agency for processing.

Myth #4: Paternity testing is public

The test itself is confidential, although if you apply for child support through a governmental agency, then those records will remain open to the public. However, you alone will hear the results first, and you can decide from there how you want to proceed. 

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