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10 Facts About Attorney's Fees in Family Law in Florida

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1. Most Attorney's Fees in family law are billed hourly. This is different that flat fee attorney's which are common in criminal cases. Family law attorney's typically charge you for their time and bill in increments of 6 minutes.

2. Most attorneys require an upfront payment which varies depending on the case and should be based on how much time the attorney believes the case will take. For examples if the attorney believes the case will minimally take 4 hours and they charge $300 / hour, they might ask for $1200 up front.

3. Most of us are willing to help you with payment arrangements, provided they are reasonable.

4. Good attorneys know that they will make more money in the long run by keeping your fees low and having you refer them business, trusting your attorney is vital to having a good family law experience.

5. You should receive invoices periodically and should be able to have the attorney account for their time within a short period of asking.

6. Many time the other side will ultimately be responsible for some of your fees or you will be responsible for some of the other party's fees. Who is responsible ultimately is based on the idea of need and ability to pay. Meaning which party has a need for help and does the other party have the ability to help.

7. Despite this, both parties will likely need to come up with some money for their lawyer up front.

8. If an attorney tells you a quote that is far less than other attorney's you have spoken with - be leery - attorney's fees should not vary that much from one to another. I have had many phone calls where I am told, Bob A. Lawyer told me he could do my whole divorce for $700. To which I respond, then perhaps you should hire Bob, but do so at your own risk.

9. Because we bill hourly, it is nearly impossible to guarantee how much your case will ultimately cost.

10. Attorneys can put a lien against your paperwork or property, or to pursue to collection or to withdraw as your attorney if you do not honor the agreed upon payments.

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