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Attorney's Fees in Family Law, How can you help keep them down?

Here are some tips for how YOU can help to keep your own attorney's fees low.

To begin with, hire a lawyer who practices exclusively, or at least primarily, in the area of your case. A lawyer who isn't familiar with your case type will almost always cost you more money.

Email/Call the lawyer's assistant when possible. The assistant's rate is often 50% of the lawyer's it is what she is there for.

Make a list of your concerns and questions and email your lawyer no more than once per week. Multiple emails with a variety of questions not only lead to confusion, they also lead to increased attorney's fees. Sending one email not only summarizes the conversation but also keeps cost down. Having the response in writing will allow you to reference it later. Many times I get asked the same questions over and over. This is understandable as you are going through a stressful period, having an email allows you to re-read it later.
Keep phone calls to a minimum. Try to email when possible and schedule a phone conference to discuss your case when you feel an email won't work. Multiple phone calls add up. While I try not to bill for short phone calls, if you and I are talking several times per day I have to charge for my time and my minimum billing interval 6 minutes.
When your attorney request information from you or provides you with a task and deadline, calendar it for yourself and make sure you communicate with your lawyer or her staff about your progress so they do not spend time (your money!) following up with you.
Gather your own mandatory disclosure and organize it before providing to your lawyer. Ask the lawyer ahead of time how best to organize to assit them in the case.
Scan and email your own mandatory disclosure in a zip file AND deliver a print version to your lawyer.
Provide your lawyer updated discovery along the way - this way they don't have to continue asking for it (billing you!) and don't have a huge task to undertake when the discovery is due.
Be reasonable in your expectations. Settling is always the least expensive way to finalize a case. Decide the top 3 most important things to you in your case and make those your priority.
Trust your lawyer and if you do not, get a new lawyer. It is very unlikely that your lawyer's advice is going to change simply because you ask a question multiple times. I find myself discussing the same issue with clients many times. It is usually because a client does not like the answer that they have received.

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