"Ms. Wintz has brought peace to me and was able to clarify so many details that for a while have been tormenting me. I appreciate it so much; thank you!!!!!! You are a blessing Ms. Jeri - I really admire people such as Mrs. Wintz and yourself who have made it their career to help people like me that are facing these kinds of sad situations."

"(Family Matters Law Group, P.A.) works really hard for you and cares about the outcome for your family. (They) are an amazing group of attorneys that are sensitive to the inherent struggles of divorce. They are conscious of your concerns and answer your questions timely and with care to the difficulties that divorce brings." R.H.

"The legal representation that I have received is second to none! I could trust that my best interests were always in the forefront of their activities. They focused on my case allowing me to stay focused on my other important responsibilities. I highly recommend them to everyone who is going through what I have!" Phil