Assisting LGBTQ Clients With Their Legal Needs

We Help Gay And Lesbian Couples With Their Divorces

Divorce is never easy and with Florida now recognizing gay and lesbian marriages it has become easier for us to represent you in getting divorced. While gay and lesbian divorces are largely the same as any other divorce and should not require any special treatment there are many social and family issues that are specific to LGBTQ families. At Family Matters Law Group, P.A., in Plantation, we are experienced allies and advocates for LGBTQ families and we understand these issues and their impact on your legal needs. As involved members of the LGBTQ community, we are happy to have the opportunity to support you and your family during a time of transition in your relationships.

We Help Families With Second Parent And Stepparent Adoptions

One of our favorite jobs is to help our client create the families they have dreamed of having and second parent adoptions and stepparent adoptions allow us to do just that. The law in Florida is transitioning and still not clear as to the legal relationship of the nonbiological parent in LGBTQ marriages. As a result, the safest bet is to make sure and do a second parent or stepparent adoption so as to ensure there are no issues as to your legal relationship to your child later. This is one of the many complexities of gay and lesbian marriages with children. Our attorneys are experienced in second parent adoptions and stepparent adoptions in Florida and have low-cost options to help your family grow and be protected.

We Help Trans People With Name Changes

Making your transition official often requires a name change and as supporters, advocates and allies of the LGBTQ community we are here to help with experience, sensitivity and expertise in helping you legally through your transition. Our attorneys and staff are highly involved in the LGBTQ community and are excited for the opportunity to support you. Name changes, while not complicated, are technical and require a specific timely process in order to be successful. We offer a discounted rate for trans name changes as we are aware of the many expenses you incur in the process. Contact our offices to speak with an attorney about the process and cost.

We Can Assist With Legal Planning And Domestic Partnerships For Those Who Do Want To Get Married

Domestic partnerships are governed by county ordinances. We handle domestic partnerships for Miami-Dade and Broward counties in Florida. Under the definition provided by Broward County Ordinance 1999-18, domestic partners must both be 18 or older and competent to contract and neither married nor a partner to another domestic partnership relationship and neither of us is related to the other and live in Broward county and give consent and agree to be jointly responsible for each other's basic food and shelter during our domestic partnership and neither of us has had a different domestic partner within the last 30 days. Our office can assist with applications for domestic partnerships, basic estate planning, pre-need guardian designations durable powers of attorney and health care surrogates for Broward and Miami-Dade counties residents.