Advocating For A Child’s Best Interests

Family Matters Law Group offers guardian ad litem (GAL) services for attorneys or parents who are looking for an advocate for a child. Whether the child has been abused or neglected, or if a parent just wants an unbiased opinion on what is best, attorney Leisa Wintz can provide a thoughtful, comprehensive recommendation of the situation. As a certified family therapist, she understands unique family dynamics while also knowing how to best protect a child.

We provide attorneys and families throughout the Plantation area with a GAL choice who is dedicated, experienced and concerned about the well-being of Florida children.

A Voice For The Children Who Need It Most

Children are vulnerable and oftentimes unable to truly speak for themselves. As a GAL, we can provide insight into their lives, helping to determine how to best move forward to give the child the best chance for a positive outcome. By looking out exclusively for the child's best interest, we can provide an honest assessment as to what would most contribute to a happy, healthy future.

Understanding The Process

A GAL, or court-appointed guardian, may be requested when DCF is investigating neglect and dependency concerns or in issues of custody and time-sharing. As a GAL, our advocate would visit the parents' home or homes and the child's school, researching and gathering information. We would have in-depth conversations with all parties involved. After conducting a thorough investigation, we would make recommendations based on what we find to be in the child's best interest.

When it comes to custody-related issues, it can be difficult for parents to separate the diversified interests of each other from the best interests of the child. A GAL can help present a neutral proposal based entirely on what is best for the child.

When You Need An Activist For A Child, Call Us

When you are looking for a neutral party to help make recommendations for a child, call us today at 866-593-0459 or email us to set up a time to discuss your needs. Whether you are a lawyer or a parent, we are looking forward to helping you.