Florida Law And Caregiver Rights

Every day across Broward County, grandparents and other relatives step up to provide necessary care and support for children who might otherwise suffer neglect or require foster care. In many such situations, obtaining the legal authority to make decisions and acquire services for these young family members is extremely important.

At Family Matters Law Group, P.A., we prioritize the well-being of children and actively support the legal needs of nonparent caregivers. You may have many questions about your rights and available options, and we have answers, informed by an in-depth knowledge of relevant laws and Florida's relative caregiver program.

Comprehensive Guidance And Services For Relative Caregivers

Although grandparents do not technically have visitation rights or benefit from other special considerations under Florida law, certain statutes do recognize their vital role and the value of keeping families together. Compassionate, knowledgeable lawyers at our firm are prepared to assist you in pursuing:

  • Temporary custody rights, guardianship or other solutions when a parent enters military service or is otherwise unable to care for a child over a limited time period
  • Long-term or permanent custody rights necessary due to the death of a parent or a parent's inability or unwillingness to provide a safe and stable home for children
  • Custody of an in-family adoption in similarly irrevocable circumstances, whether with the parents' consent or in an adversarial procedure to terminate parental rights

There are a variety of legal mechanisms which can be used to give relatives' rights to children. They vary in permanency, difficulty and authorities provided. At Family Matters Law Group, P.A., we are well-versed in the various legal options available and would welcome the opportunity to provide you a consultation.

Do You Need A Guardianship Or Temporary Custody?

In our complex society, caring for and raising children is extremely challenging without formal custody rights. School enrollment and involvement, acquiring health insurance coverage and medical care and a range of other concerns may be important to you. For a consultation focused squarely on viable options to protect the children you love and gain the legal authority you need, call us at 866-593-0459 for a phone consultation. You can also contact us online. Initial consultations are free in Family Law Cases.