Make The Changes You Need

It is essential to have quality legal counsel, make informed decisions and present accurate information to the court at the time of a divorce, child support action or action for paternity or custody. However, it is not possible to anticipate major financial and personal events that may occur in the years afterward. When significant changes in circumstances do come about, it is imperative to work with an attorney who has in-depth familiarity of Florida laws governing post-divorce modifications of orders.

At Family Matters Law Group, P.A., we take prompt legal action for many people who need to petition for post-judgment modifications. Our Plantation-area lawyers will carefully evaluate your situation and guide you through the process if you qualify for a modification — or defend your interests if your ex-spouse or partner is seeking a modification you believe is not justified.

Reasons Why You May Need To Make A Change

Some of the more common scenarios that may lead to a viable modification petition include:

  • Unavoidable job loss or other employment changes that make reduction of child support or alimony payments necessary
  • A noncustodial parent's promotion or favorable job change, justifying an increase in child support to better provide for children's needs
  • Significant changes in children's circumstances or either parent's ability to properly care for them, including issues associated with domestic violence or substance abuse that may justify a change in custody and/or time-sharing orders

Concerned About Child Relocation Or Another Major Change?

All too often, separated parents rely on verbal agreements to protect against legal action when going back to court when a formal modification is necessary. For example, failing to pay court-ordered child support can have major repercussions, whatever the reasons. Any plan to move with your children should also be presented to a skilled Florida family law attorney in its very early stages.

We are committed to providing effective, affordable post-divorce representation as well as counsel for unmarried parents in need of child support enforcement or other services. For a brief telephone consultation to discuss your needs and options, call 866-593-0459 or send us an email now. Initial consultations are free for Family Law Cases. Se habla español.