Understanding Alimony In Florida

People who divorce in Florida typically have a very limited understanding of laws governing alimony and some buy into widely held misconceptions. Unlike child support, which is covered by very direct statutory guidelines, divorcing couples and the courts have substantial latitude when it comes to settling the issue of alimony.

Sometimes called spousal support or maintenance, alimony may be very significant or it may not be awarded at all. If you know or suspect that this will be a contested issue in your divorce, the knowledge and experience of the lawyer you consult can make a major difference in how much you ultimately pay or receive.

Helping People Understand Relevant Laws And Likely Obligations

Our Plantation-area alimony attorneys encourage negotiation or mediation to resolve any alimony dispute if possible. Should other efforts to reach an agreement break down, however, we are always prepared to litigate skillfully and assertively to protect our clients' interests. We have also successfully petitioned for post-divorce modifications and enforcement of alimony and other orders.

If you have an order for spousal support and are not being paid, the other party may also owe you attorney's fees for your efforts to enforce your rights. Call us for a consultation on alimony enforcement.

Some basic considerations regarding alimony in Florida include:

  • An alimony plan can be created by the parties involved or ordered by a judge, and it may include monthly payments, a lump sum of money, other property or all of these.
  • The factors used in determining alimony/spousal maintenance include the length of the marriage, financial resources of both parties, ages and health, past contributions to the marriage and many more.
  • Six different types of alimony may be agreed to or ordered: temporary, rehabilitative, bridge-the-gap, permanent periodic, lump sum and durational alimony.

Attorneys Who Can Help Are One Call Away

At Family Matters Law Group, P.A., we will take the time to thoroughly evaluate your unique situation and offer guidance and advocacy on alimony. We welcome divorcing men and women, people who have lived together for many years and are now breaking up, and those whose financial circumstances have changed since alimony was awarded. For a brief phone consultation focused on your needs, email us or call our Plantation office at 866-593-0459 today. Initial consultations are free in Family Law Cases. Se habla español.