Personalized Divorce Representation

At Family Matters Law Group, P.A., our attorneys believe in exploring all options when going through the divorce process. Our Plantation, Florida, firm focuses on finding amicable, affordable agreements. In most cases, those agreements are found outside of a courtroom.

We understand, however, that some divorces will not be resolved peacefully and will require an experienced litigator. Our attorneys can provide skilled litigation and are courtroom savvy so that whichever path we take, you can be assured that you have excellent legal representation.

To learn more about how we can help you through your divorce, get in touch with us today.

Solutions Tailored To Your Unique Situation And Goals

With us, you can feel confident that your divorce lawyer isn't unnecessarily escalating your case or pushing services that aren't in your best interest. We believe that we earn the most money for our business by keeping each client's fees low and doing a great job, which inspires our clients to refer others our way. Our attorneys include a certified family law mediator who is also a former family therapist, as well as an experienced court-appointed guardian ad litem as well as an ex-prosecutor with over 200 trials under her belt. We can help you with:

When You're Ready To Discuss The Divorce Issues Most Important To You, Call Us

We are here to serve as your dedicated divorce counsel and advocate every step of the way. In a phone consultation, we will assess your unique situation and begin exploring options to help you move on. Initial consultations are free in Family Law Cases. Our Broward County firm offers flexible payment options that put our services within reach for a diverse clientele. Call us today at 866-593-0459. You can also reach us through our online contact form. We look forward to helping you take the next steps. Se habla español.