Supporting The Rights Of Fathers

If you are an unmarried father — or if a woman with whom you had a relationship claims you fathered a child and wants support — it's critical that you take immediate action. Florida's "natural guardian" statute indicates that the only way to establish legal custody rights is to file an action for paternity.

At Family Matters Law Group, P.A., our experienced Plantation-area fathers' rights attorneys will treat you with respect and work intelligently and efficiently to protect your interests. We have experience handling many paternity actions and understand the difficult and numerous laws relating to paternity. We are a small, client-focused law firm, and we will explain relevant laws and clear up any misconceptions you may have about men's rights to their children in Florida. Whether you are seeking answers, a fair support order or reasonable time-sharing, our law firm is an excellent resource.

Dedicated Representation Of Unmarried And Divorcing Fathers

If you want to ensure your rights as a father are protected in a divorce case, a lawyer at our firm will provide the representation you need. If you are an unmarried dad, it is critical to understand that only a well-prepared paternity action can establish your rights to your child. Having your name on the birth certificate, positive DNA test results and paying child support are simply not enough.

We will analyze your situation and grasp your goals. Our strengths and capabilities in the realm of fathers' rights cover:

  • Efficient, effective filing of paternity actions necessary to obtain time-sharing rights, gain a voice in decision-making for your children and achieve other key goals
  • Divorce representation for men seeking shared parental responsibility or another arrangement that serves children's best interests

  • Protection of fathers' rights in child support determinations, which must account accurately for parents' incomes and how many overnights children spend with each parent
  • Representation of fathers in complex child relocation (parental move-away) cases

Call Us Today To Discuss Your Rights As A Father

All too often, fathers in Broward County rely on informal agreements to maintain contact with their children and avoid problems with child support. This can lead to serious regrets and financial liabilities.

We offer a brief phone consultation to assess your needs and legal options as a responsible, concerned father. Initial consultations are free for Family Law Cases. Call us at 866-593-0459 or email us. Our results-focused lawyers consistently seek the most affordable paths to resolution in paternity matters and all other aspects of family law.