What Are Your Child Support Questions?

At Family Matters Law Group, P.A., we genuinely care about ensuring that your children are financially supported. We provide clear guidance and affordable services for women and men facing divorce as well as many unmarried parents in the Plantation, Florida, area and throughout Broward County..

Initial Child Support Determinations Are Pivotal, Within Or Outside Of Divorce

While child support is guideline-based, every situation has unique aspects. Consideration may include:

  • Making certain that all information used to calculate child support such as both parties' incomes and the number of overnights each child will spend with each parent, is accurate
  • Recognizing that once a child support order is issued in Florida, payments are required and enforceable by law, with no ability on either parent's part to "contract" out of the obligation
  • Whether one party owns their own business or is paid in a way other than a W-2 wage earner

When Modifications Are Necessary

When circumstances change, modifications to your original agreements may be warranted. Modifications may be necessary when significant changes occur such as job loss or a major change in a child's needs. It's important to seek counsel right away in these situations, as the modifications are not retroactive. We can help determine if you qualify for a child support modification and pursue it skillfully if you do.

The Help You Need To Get The Support Your Children Deserve

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