Experience In Florida Custody Law

When it comes to matters of custody, it's important to be represented by attorneys who will work hard on your behalf for the custody rights you deserve. At Family Matters Law Group, P.A., in Plantation, our in-depth knowledge of Florida laws in addition to years of experience give our attorneys the background you need to help you get the outcome you desire.

Negotiating Time-Sharing Agreements

When determining a custody arrangement, called "time-sharing" in Florida, the courts take into consideration several important factors, including:

  • Physical ability to provide care
  • History
  • Jobs
  • Willingness to co-parent

The wishes of each parent in addition to the emotional bonds between parent and child also weigh into the decision.

It's important to know that courts will do what they perceive to be in the child's best interest, and that is generally having regular and substantial time with both parents. We will help you create manageable solutions when it comes to time-sharing and decisions regarding education, medical care and upbringing.

Mediation often provides families with an amicable, cost-effective way to find positive resolutions regarding time-sharing. Whenever possible, our attorneys will advise mediation as the method to pursue to find a solution for your family without the additional stress of litigation. We know that's not always possible, however, and we are prepared to enforce your parental rights through litigation.

Contact A Lawyer Regarding Your Child Time-Sharing Concerns

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