When people can set aside differences sufficiently to reach mutual agreements, the plans and solutions they arrive at are more likely to work on a lasting basis, and their families will benefit long term. At Family Matters Law Group, P.A., our experience strongly supports that an amicable resolution is the best pathway for divorcing families. While it can be extremely difficult to agree on sensitive issues without the help of an objective third party, mediation is the answer in a high percentage of Florida divorce cases.

We Are Dispute Resolution Attorneys With Excellent Credentials

Clients and fellow attorneys turn to our law firm for mediation services and also for dedicated advocacy throughout the divorce process, which often calls for mediation at some point. Attorney Leisa Wintz, M.S., Esq., is certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a family law mediator; she also has a master's degree in family therapy from a program that focused on conflict resolution. Our entire legal team supports mediation as an alternative to costly, stressful litigation.

If you're an attorney looking for mediation assistance, we are experienced at taking on referrals. Our founding attorney's background in family therapy, combined with her legal skills, make our firm an excellent option for mediation referrals. You will feel confident sending clients our way.

A Balanced, Cooperative Approach

In Florida, mediation is required if you have children. It is also commonly selected or ordered by couples with property and alimony issues to resolve. Couples who hire separate lawyers often enter mediation after those lawyers have completed the discovery process. Increasingly, people are choosing "pro se" mediation: They agree to hire a neutral divorce mediator early in the process to guide them toward an agreement. Advantages may include:

  • Substantial cost savings vs. the legal fees incurred in working with two attorneys and even potentially winding up in trial
  • Having consistent, accurate information presented to both parties in a nonadversarial setting
  • Setting the stage for amicable, rational communications regarding co-parenting of children and if other issues arise after divorce — greatly reducing the likelihood of having to go back to court

Contact Us For A Consultation

We will be glad to evaluate your concerns and propose viable paths to effective, affordable resolution. Our mediation services are frequently recommended by other attorneys, and we also receive many referrals from therapists and other professionals familiar with our constructive approach.

Whether you are looking for a qualified mediator or an attorney who will help you decide how to proceed, call 866-593-0459 or contact us online to schedule a brief phone consultation. Initial consultations are free in Family Law Cases.