Collaborative Law

We encourage productive communication and reasonable compromises in all we do at Family Matters Law Group, P.A. A collaborative law approach works well for some couples who wish to resolve issues through direct negotiations with their attorneys present. This method of creating marital settlement agreements and avoiding costly, stressful litigation is rising in popularity in the Broward County area.

If you have heard or read about collaborative divorce and have questions — or if our collaborative law services have been recommended to you by a counselor, therapist or other professional — we will be glad to provide a brief consultation. An experienced Florida family law lawyer at our firm will help you evaluate whether this method, as opposed to mediation or a traditional approach to divorce, is suited to your needs.

Your Path To Dispute Resolution

Important considerations as you evaluate entering the collaborative law process include whether both you and your spouse are:

  • Open to resolving all outstanding issues — including sensitive matters of child custody and time-sharing as well as property division and alimony — through rational discussion
  • Prepared to enter an agreement stating that you will work in good faith toward a mutually acceptable settlement
  • Confident that the lawyers serving as counsel to each of you are committed to the process and qualified to make sound recommendations
  • Willing to allow other professionals to participate in the process if necessary such as a family therapist or financial analyst

Another important aspect of collaborative law for family law issues is that, should negotiations fail to produce an agreement, both parties' counsel will withdraw and different attorneys must be hired.

Turn To Attorneys With Credentials Well Suited To Collaborative Law

If you are interested in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods for limiting conflict and avoiding litigation, we encourage you to call or email us anytime. For a phone consultation, call us at 866-593-0459. Initial consultations are free for Family Law Cases.You can also connect with us through email.